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We are now stocking Aspen fuels in 1 ltr and 5ltr size. Aspen 2-stroke and 4-stroke fuels are the cleanest petrols on the market today. Aspen alkylate petrol is ethanol free, and has only a fraction of the dangerous chemicals with up to 99% cleaner emissions, better for the machine and the operator, especially with hand held machines such as strimmers, chainsaws, hedgecutters etc. Aspen 2-stroke is premixed and ready to use. Aspen can be stored for up to five years and can be left in the machine without fear of going stale or causing starting problems next time they are used. Especially suitable for engines stored for long periods of time or customers who only use small amounts of fuel per year. This saves money as normal petrol now deteriorates after 30 days. There are also 200 ltr barrels available for environmentally friendly commercial users.
Also commonly used in camping stoves, again with benefits including no smell and cleaner with less emmisions.
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