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The range of Yardman machines continue to be marketed by MTD (one of the world's largest garden machinery manufacturers) under the Cub Cadet and Wolf-Garten brands, the Yardman brand being replaced in Europe after the acquisition of the Wolf-Garten brand in 2009 by MTD. We continue to stock and supply a full range of parts for the Yardman range with some of the best parts availability and support from any manufacturer.

We have sold many ride on mowers and other garden equipment under the Yardman brand for over twenty years, most of these designed and built in Germany for the European market and particularily suited to the often wetter conditions of the UK and Ireland. These often make an excellent and popular second hand choice, and with some minor modifications carried out along with service in our workshop, have proven to last much longer than some competitors NEW machines, especially on the larger machines, due partly to their un-timed decks, (which allow the blades to pass each other in the event of hitting something harder than grass), and their uncomplicated electrical circuits. In fact we have had some domestic models of these machines far outlast the hours on some diesel manufacturers, with much less money spent on them in their working years.

This is why we believe they were and still are, under the Cub Cadet and Wolf-garten brand, some of the best designed and most reliable machines in their class available on the market today.

One of our best selling models from the Yardman range for many years, the HN5200, has a direct replacement with the Cub Cadet XT2QR106.

We can offer very similar, latest generation replacements for the Yardman models TA4140, TA4145 (30"single blade), AE5135, AE5150, HE 5135, HE5150 (36"twin blade), AN5175, HN5200, (41") and other special edition models. Please contact us with your requirements if you would like to trade in or replace your existing machine.
Yardman HN5200
Cub Cadet CC1018KHN
Wolf-Garten 105/180H
Made in Europe
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