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At Moore Horticulture Equipment we pride ourselves in the quality of our service, with decades of experience and manufacturer based training to help support our product.

The reason our workshop exists is to provide full after sales servicing and repairs for all chainsaws, lawnmowers, and garden machinery which WE have supplied, new or used.

We aim to offer this to the highest standard and with the best value possible for any customer who has supported us when they purchased, we really do appreciate the business. Customers can help by servicing in winter (not spring!) to avoid long delays.

Please note to help us help you ride-on mowers must always be booked in for service or repairs, due to workload and storage space restrictions.

As more and more poor quality product continues to flood the market more customers are coming to us with machines which are simply not worth our time or their money to repair. These machines are just creating huge piles of waste.
If all products were made to last, as they used to be and should be, some manufacturers and large volume chain stores could not survive. Many depend on sales of disposables, not machines lasting ten to twenty years or even longer. You get what you pay for more than ever now, and need to choose carefully as even known brands are now offering cheaper product for the mass markets.

For this reason we no longer repair low end product, that is the reason we don't sell it! It also allows us to offer faster turn around for those who support us when they purchase.

We do not generally provide service or repairs for product purchased elsewhere, regardless of what some internet suppliers will tell you, as some try to avoid their responsibilities due to shipping costs etc.

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